Have a Little Wine During Your Wedding Ceremony!!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This is another type of unity ceremony to add a visual representation of the joining of two lives. Usually this is performed with a red and a white wine in separate containers. During the ceremony the bride and groom pour the separate wines into one glass, and take turns taking a drink from the glass. Here is some possible wording to use:

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1 - This glass of wine symbolizes the sum of your life experiences. It contains within it the sweet flavors of love, joy, wonder and contentment. This same cup, at times, holds the bitter taste of sadness, pain, and despair. When you drink deeply of this cup of life, you invite the full spectrum of experiences into your life. As you drink from this cup, you accept the commitment to draw from your marriage all that you need to wash away the bitter flavors of life and to savor the sweet flavors you may encounter on your journey together.

2 - Wine, like the life-blood that pulses through our veins, is a symbol of life. It is created through the work of hands and minds. Love, a feeling, in constant motion like the sea, lies in the soul alone. Just as wine stimulates the body, love stimulates our souls to welcome the spirit of God. As you share this wine glass today, may you be joined in a love as fluid as the drink itself, yet as solid as the hands which made it.

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3- This wine glass is to remind you of your love. Delicate, yet strong; filled with love, yet with room for more. It symbolizes two people coming together to share one life, one love. Use this loving cup for miracles. Fill it with forgiveness, understanding and appreciation. Drink deeply and often. Whenever you do, remember this: Love is real. Once created, it cannot be destroyed. It is eternal.

4- Like wine, life is a process of change, growth, compromise and wisdom. As grapes are pressed to give forth their juice, so under the press of time our lives give forth their labor, honor, and love. Long ago, wine was revered as the blood of the earth.

When the bride and groom pledged themselves to one another, they drank wine from a single cup, three times, signifying that they were becoming one blood, one family, one kin. Cup-raising was an invitation to family and friends to witness this oath and hold the bride and groom to their vows. It is also to remind the newlyweds and their families that a good wine is only good, if it is consumed… so must life be consumed. Savor it till the last drop.

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5-BRIDE and GROOM, this “Cup of Life” contains within it a wine with certain properties that are sweet and symbolic of happiness, joy, ecstasy and love just as the years of life ahead of you together will be.

This same wine also holds some bitter properties that symbolize disappointment, sorrow, grief, despair, and life’s trials and tribulations that you will inevitably run into during your new life together.

Be reminded to forgive the frailties of one another’s flaws, for they will be overcome, and bear together life’s adversities and be confident that the “good” will always return and the strength in your love will always prevail.

Through love, your flaw becomes your strength. Through love, does the world reveal itself. Through love, each union is made.

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