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Wedding Unity Puzzle for the Family!

As you have probably already discovered, there are MANY ways to add a unity ceremony into your wedding ceremony! The visual representation creates movement and a new focal point for your guests, as well as providing you with a memento of your wedding ceremony!

wooden puzzle cube wedding unity ceremony
wooden puzzle cube

A few years back, the wooden shaped puzzle was about the only unity puzzles available.

However, now, you can order a custom designed puzzle! Etsy and Puzzled1 are two locations to purchase these.

custom puzzle for wedding ceremony
Custom wooden puzzle from Puzzled1

Here is a transition from start to finish of a custom designed puzzle!

unassembled puzzle before the wedding ceremony
Puzzle unassembled before the ceremony

assembling the family unity puzzle
bride sets the center piece in the puzzle

Hilton Head beach wedding puzzle ceremony
bride sets her puzzle piece in

family puzzle unity ceremony
Kids inserted their pieces in the order of age

Here are some possible wording for the ceremony:

Option A:

Bride and Groom have decided to celebrate the unity of becoming a family with Child 1 & Child 2 with the building of a puzzle to symbolize the bond they have and will continue to strengthen as the years pass. The puzzle is in the shape of a circle showing no end and no beginning. As each of you place your puzzle piece together it symbolizes the individuality and strength you bring to make the bond stronger Because A family isn’t always Blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who except you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, the one who give you Unconditional love. The stories of our lives written on the same page, Memories that will be made and treasured always. It is important to be there for each other, supporting and caring, Helping and understanding, sharing and walking life’s path together and making the journey more beautiful because we are a family and Families, Live Love & Laugh together.

Option B:

Bride and Groom, today you join your separate lives together. To symbolize that experience, you have chosen to share a unity puzzle with your friends and families which symbolize how your separate lives, separate families, and separate friends are joined today through your marriage vows. The unity puzzle represents a combination of the separate pieces which no longer exist, but which have been joined together as one. Your wedding day represents your lifelong commitment to one another. Your wedding day also represents the union of your two families, forever combined in your inner circle.

The unity puzzle has many meanings. If you notice it is in a complete circle, a circle which is never ending. The puzzle also contains many different sizes and shapes, much like the unique characteristics of each member of your families. When the individual pieces are perfectly aligned, it creates that perfect circle, it completes the puzzle. While today celebrates your union as husband and wife, it doubles as a dedication to the bond and love of this family as a whole. As each of you place your puzzle piece, you display your dedication to the family and your commitment to always keep the puzzle complete. From this day onward, may you all enjoy the pieces of the puzzle and embrace the love and completeness of your expanded family.

Option C:

A wedding day will typically display the commitment and love between two people. But today not only does this day unite this bride and groom but also brings a family full circle. The unity puzzle has many meanings. If you notice it is in a complete circle. The circle is never ending. It does not stop and it shows their unconditional love surrounded by each other. A circle cannot be broken as this family is truly devoted to keep each other within their circle. This puzzle contains different sizes and shapes, much like each family member has separate characteristics. But put the puzzle pieces together and it becomes and beautiful circle that fits perfectly. Yes, this day is about the bride and groom but also about the bond and love of this family as a whole. Today as each person places their puzzle piece, they display their commitment to stay together always and seal that promise with the infinity symbol.

Option D:

As the [new last name] family comes together to create something special in this unity puzzle, we start with God in the center. God centers us, holds us together, and forms the core of our lives. [Bride], [groom], [kids' names] – each of you holds a piece of the puzzle that represents you, your personality, strengths, fears, and dreams. As you each place your piece in the puzzle, it symbolizes the joining of your separate lives into one union, the beginning of your journey as a new family. This completed puzzle becomes something beautiful that serves as a physical reminder of your love.”

You can off course create your own wording! These are just some suggestions! Your wedding officiant should be able to help you personalize your ceremony! Contact us today about making this ceremony a part of your wedding package!

If you are interested in a custom puzzle for your family unity puzzle ceremony, you can look on Etsy or Puzzled1!

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