St. Helena's Chapel of Ease is a MUST see!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

There are two historical church ruins in Beaufort County, South Carolina. St. Helena's Chapel of Ease and The Old Sheldon Church Ruins. The Parish Church of St. Helena manages both properties. These locations are for elopements ONLY with NO decorations. Check out our post of Real Elopements at the Chapel of Ease!

st helena chapel of ease in Beaufort county south carolina

This church was built in the mid-1700's. Due to the main church being in downtown Beaufort, this chapel was built to be closure to planters' homes. The chapel was taken by the government early in the Civil War. Slaves were in a state of limbo, not enslaved but not fully freed and this became an outpost for the Port Royal Experiment to help transition slaves. A forest fire destroyed the building in 1886 and it was never rebuilt.

st helena chapel of ease in beaufort sc

view of nature as the roof of the chapel of ease ruin in south carolina

interior view of the ruins on st helena island

arch of the ruins

Travel fees of $40 can be added to any elopement package! Contact us today for more information. Take a moment to view Old Sheldon Ruins.

Check out Real Elopements at Chapel of Ease!!

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