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Specialty Wedding Ceremony Elements

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Use one of these specialty wedding ceremonies to add a visual element to your ceremony! You can use it as an additional reflection of your love, or as a way to include others into the ceremony! We are always updating this list, so check back often!

Unity sand wedding ceremony

Unity Sand

This ceremony uses colored sand to represent the couple and family members. This ceremony is kid friendly!

Anniversary sand wedding ceremony for beach wedding

Anniversary Sand

Beach sand taken from the exact spot where the vows were spoken is poured into a single container. Then the couple add a love letter they wrote to the other, and seal the container.

wedding butterfly release hilton head island sc

Butterfly Release

Due to temperatures, Spring and Fall are the recommended times for this ceremony. Whether the release is performed by the Couple, or guests join in, it is always a great photo opportunity!

Wine as part of your wedding ceremony

Wine Ceremony

Have a little wine during the ceremony! For best visual, we recommend using a white and red, and combining. Once combined the couple will share the beverage!

rose wedding ceremony on the beach

Rose Ceremony

Like the wine, we recommend 2 different color roses for the best visual for photos. The rose has always represented love...

family unity puzzle wedding ceremony

Family Unity Puzzle Ceremony

Puzzle family puzzles are a great way to involve the family, while getting a beautiful memento!!

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