Old Shelton Church Ruins Update Summer 2019

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Much to my disappointment, Old Sheldon Church Ruins has been fenced off. The good of many have to suffer due to a few bad people. Local news reports this was in the works for preservation, however recent vandalism accelerated the decision.

Old sheldon church ruins fenced off 2019

Although, currently we can still do elopements outside the fence, the photos inside the ruins will not be allowed.

Elopement ceremony at Old Sheldon Church Ruins outside the fence

If you are wanting more access, check out St Helena's Island Chapel of Ease for your historic elopement.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins with fence at an elopement

The Ruins can still be admired, just not as closely. Contact us with any questions or to book your historic elopement!

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