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Real Elopements 2019 at the Chapel of Ease Ruins

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The Chapel of Ease Ruins on St. Helena Island, SC provides a romantic historic elopement! For more information, you can view the historic post here.

chapel of ease st helena island sc

I wanted to share 2 elopements from this location so you could really see and enjoy the location's beauty!

The first series of photos are the first look photos the couple requested.

military first look wedding photo

first look photo at chapel of ease

military elopement at chapel of ease

marine elopement in beaufort sc

marine first look photo chapel of ease

marine elopement parris island sc

military elopement parris island sc

Ceremony location was just outside the church mainly for the shade and the chapel in the background.

wedding ceremony at chapel ease

military elopement ceremony

military elopement first kiss

first kiss at chapel ease

After the ceremony, we wander around taking photos capturing the couples' love as well as the location! Here are some photos around the interior of the Chapel of Ease.

elopement at chapel of ease

back side of the chapel of ease

interior of the chapel of ease beaufort sc

historic elopement in south carolina

And around the window areas...

romantic historic elopement

marine elopement south carolina

historic elopement in beaufort sc

Around the grounds with the Chapel of Ease in the background...

chapel of ease elopement

st helena church ruins elopement

military elopement st helena island

front of the chapel of ease

There is also an old iron gate and of course the large mossy oak trees!!

old iron gate at ruins

southern charm with trees, military, iron gates

romantic military elopement beaufort sc

romance, history, southern charm elopement sc

Although the Chapel of Ease may not be as popular as the Old Sheldon Church Ruins, you can see that is a gorgeous location for your elopement. Especially since Old Sheldon Church Ruins are now fenced off, preventing photos within the structure.

Now matter where you decide to elope, be sure to capture the romance and love as you celebrate your elopement! Check out our packages for your historic elopement!

military elopement in beaufort south carolina

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