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Mitchelville Freedom Park on Hilton Head Island SC

This historic location on Hilton Head Island is a great location for an elopement!

historic mitchelville freedom park

November 7, 1861, Union forces attacked two Confederate forts and the Sea Islands of South Carolina near Port Royal. “The Battle of Port Royal” later drove the Confederate forces to retreat to the mainland. One island, Hilton Head Island, immediately became the headquarters for the Union Army. It also would become the setting for the first self-governed town of freed Africans in the country. After the Battle of Port Royal, men, women, and children fled the plantations and sought freedom with the Union army.

historic marker for mitchelville site on hilton head island sc

Due to overcrowding in the barracks in the Union camp, General Ormsby Mitchel dedicated a large parcel of the land, near the old Drayton Plantation, to the newly freed Blacks that they would be able to cultivate and govern. Individuals and families were given a quarter acre lot and material to build a home. The freedmen elected their own officials, created their own system of law, built three churches, four stores and established the first compulsory school system in the state of South Carolina. Education was required for every child from age 6 to 15 and when the school district was created in 1866, there were 238 students in the town. At its height, Mitchelville boasted over 3,000 residents, but after the Union army left the area in 1868, the population began to decrease. Many residents began farming and engaging in local commerce to sustain themselves and the town would maintain until the end of the century. Eventually, the residents took apart their homes and moved inland.

structure at mitchelville park south carolina

The park has some examples of the type of construction that was in the location in the past.

historic mitchelville freedom park elopement

historic location on hilton head island sc

There is even an open church setting!

open church on hillton head island

The path will take you to a Toni Morrison bench over looking the marsh.

toni morrison bench by the road

bench overlooking marsh hilton head sc

marsh view on hilton head

Just to the right is a boardwalk with a covered gazebo at the end.

boardwalk at mitchelville park

There is also a boat that is a wonderful photo opportunity!

photo in the boat at mitchelville

The main path will take you to a pavilion and further to the beach. The path is about half a mile long.

mitchelville park pavilion

path to the beach from mitchelville

This is the most "private" public beach in the area!

beach at mitchelville park

mitchelville park beach

This location is perfect for a sunrise elopement!

sunrise mitchelville park

marsh sunrise on Hilton head island

good morning hilton head island

The Simple Elopement Package is a perfect fit for this location! Scroll down for more photos of elopements at this location!

newlywed on bench overlook marsh

sunrise elopement hilton head island

walking down the boardwalk at mitchelville park

fun wedding photos at mitchelville park

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