The Bridal Bouquet: Style, Design, and Color

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The bride's bouquet is arguably the second most important part of her outfit (the top is the wedding dress, of course!). Bouquets can be based on themes like rustic, modern, tropical, or traditional. Remember, that many flowers are seasonal. If you fall in love with a certain bouquet or flower, ask us about the availability! All the bouquets in the photos below have been made by Penny of Southern Charm Elopements.

coral color bridal bouquet being held by bride at a park in coastal south carolina SC
Large coral bouquet available mid-Spring

The above bouquet is a great example of a "coral" bouquet. You can see the many shades of pink/orange/coral. Nature does not always produce the exact color you envision.

rustic bouquet in white and blush at old sheldon church ruins
Large rustic white and blush bouquet

medium white and blush bouquet with hydrangea and roses
Medium traditional white and blush bridal bouquet.

tropical bouquet in white and blush at a beach wedding on hilton head island sc
Large tropical bouquet in white and blush

Above I have shown 3 different styles of bridal bouquets all in the white and blush colors.

wildflower bouquet with sunflower and colorful
Large wildflower bouquet

medium pink rose bouquet
Traditional rose and baby breath bouquet (medium)

shades of pink bouquet in hilton head island south carolina
Shades of pink with white accents medium bouquet.

sunflower and red rose bouquet on beach wedding
Red rose and sunflower bouquet (Medium)

At Southern Charm Elopements we make this promise in regards to bouquets:

We work with a wholesale florist to obtain the best and freshest flowers.

Flowers are ordered 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding for the best chance of receiving your flowers. We love photos of bouquets, and will use them as inspiration, however flowers are natural. The colors or shape may not be exactly like the photo. For example nature does not understand the color “Coral”. Sometimes it comes in more peach, pink, red, or orange. Flowers also have seasons. For this reason will cannot guarantee a particular flower, but do our best. We will honor any flower to be avoided, and stay within the colors you chose.

colorful bouquet in a wildflower fashion
colorful wildflower bouquet (medium)

Tropical pink and white bouquet
Tropical pink and white bouquet (Medium)

large white bouquet heavy on the greenery
large white bouquet heavy on the greenery

Small bridesmaid bouquet
Small bridesmaid bouquet

Bouquets are part of most of the packages. These visuals hopefully inspire you!!

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