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5 Beach Wedding Mistakes to Avoid!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

We have been performing beach weddings for over 10 years, and have seen many common mistakes that we hope you will avoid!!

beach wedding photos and advise

Overdoing the beach theme. Some couples go a bit crazy with the décor when planning their vows, with too many shells, anchors, sea horses, colored glass, etc. items strewn around the ceremony and reception space. You don’t want your guests to think, "Okay, we get it--it’s a beach wedding." Instead, choose a few tasteful details to personalize your space (like choosing one beach-themed element and making that your go-to theme) and let Mother Nature be your main décor element.

beach wedding theme decorations

Picking the wrong attire. If you’re dreaming of a black tie affair, with men in tuxes and you in a princess ball gown, then skip the beach. Not only will you and your guests be too uncomfortable in the heat and humidity, but that sort of attire just won’t work with the overall vibe of the location. The beach is synonymous with relaxation and being laidback--not stiff and stuffy. If wearing a long dress, it will get dirty, and possibly wet (of course it can be dry cleaned!). You don’t want to wear heels on the beach! Save them for the reception or your dinner. For the beach wear ballet flats, sandals, the barefoot sandals, or just bare feet!!!

bottomless sandals for beach wedding

Not prepared for outside elements. A good rule of thumb on the beach: Anything that can blow away will. I have had too many arches blown down. After a groom was almost hit by a falling arch, I no longer offer them! If a couple wants the arch they can contact a rental company and have them set it up. Keep bugs at bay. Insect repellent is a good idea no matter the season. Just make sure it’s a brand that won’t stain your gown. Of course, sunscreen is a must as well!!

beach wedding ceremony arrangement

Choosing the wrong time of day. When dealing with beach wedding photos, lighting is especially important. We suggest ending the ceremony an hour before sunset to take advantage of the golden hour of lighting. Afternoon heat can be brutal in many seaside locales. But even if you're okay standing there glistening, the harsh rays will place glares on your photos.. High temperatures are not for everyone, especially older folks and young kids. To avoid the heat (and crowds), consider a morning or sunset ceremony.

romantic sunset beach wedding South Carolina

Not having a Plan B. Another must when planning an outdoor event--a Plan B. If you’re getting married at a venue with a beach area, then there is probably a space to use for the ceremony or a tent available in case it rains. But if you’re heading down to the local beach for your vows, there needs to be another place in mind if the weather turns. We carefully watch the weather, and communicate with the couple any concerns with the weather as well as setting up a plan B if there is a questionable forecast.

beach wedding rain Hilton Head Island

To find out more about our Beach Elopement package, or having your beach wedding on Hilton Head Island, contact us today!! We are just an email away at

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