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4 Secluded Parks with Stunning Views in Beaufort County SC

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Beaufort County offers many little "pocket parks" with stunning views for your elopement! Cuthbert Park, Pinckney Park, and Point Park are located in Beaufort, and Pritchard Pocket Park is in Bluffton.

Cuthbert Park

cuthbert park in Beaufort sc is a secluded park for an elopement

Located at the end of a residential street, this public park offers a private setting for an elopement.

elopement location in beaufort sc

Beautiful marsh views and spanish moss hanging from the trees completes the southern atmosphere!

secluded cuthbert park beaufort sc perfect for elopement

private elopement in beaufort sc

elope to beaufort sc for gorgeous views

spanish moss trees add southern charm to your elopement

Pinckney Park

This is the largest of the pocket parks and the only one that has a dock. There is a boat ramp off to the side of the park.

pinckney park beaufort sc

military elopement beaufort sc parris island

pocket park elopement beaufort sc

romantic secluded elopement in beaufort sc

dock at the elopement park

elope on a dock at the park in beaufort sc

wedding ceremony under a mossy tree beaufort sc

pinckney park beaufort sc

Point Park

Located closer to downtown, but is still secluded.

pocket park in downtown beaufort sc

This section is right on the point with gorgeous marsh views!

wedding with a view in beaufort sc

wedding ceremony surrounded by nature beaufort sc

marsh view at your elopement ceremony

The park is located in the historic area just off of downtown Beaufort. There is also a green space on the other side of the point with some large trees that offer great photo opportunities!

historic park in beaufort sc

photo opportunity in beaufort sc

insert bride and groom beaufort sc

secluded elopement in beaufort sc

Pritchard Pocket Park

This park is located at the end of a dirt road in Old Town Bluffton.

pritchard pocket park bluffton sc

This small park is perfect for a private elopement ceremony close to restaurants in Old Town.

path to pocket park bluffton sc

private elopement in bluffton sc

elopement surrounded by nature bluffton sc

waterfront private elopement by Old Town Bluffton

Each of these small pocket style parks offer a private setting for your elopement. Contact us today to choose your elopement package and schedule your elopement!

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